The style of Porsche wheel that came stock on the is known as “Mille Miglia Cup 1”.

The lug spacing dimensions (common to all Porsches ... but very few other car manufacturers - bear this in mind when buying wheels for your is 5 x 130.

This means that there are 5 wheel bolts on a 130mm circle. If you get an incredibly low bargain price and buy buy wheels that the bolt pattern is not 5 x 130 they might make really good holders for potted plants, but you ain't putting the suckers on your .

Factory stock rims are 17” in diameter and were the same wheels as the 1991/92 964 3.3 liter Turbo but not the 1993/4 964 Turbo 3.6 which had three piece rims.

The only difference between the '91/'92 Turbo wheels and those used on the was the rim width. The Turbo had 7” wide front wheels and 9” wide rears. The came stock with the same 7” wide front wheels but had 8” rear wheels as opposed to the Turbo's 9's.

A very common modification for the was to move the 8” rear wheels to the front, and put a set of 9” Turbo rims on the rear.

FRONT wheels - 7” wide - Part# 965 362 124 00

7 inch RS America rim with the correct center cap.

The rim width and offset cast into the rim.

The rim width (in inches) = 7 and offset (in mm) = 55 is cast into the front of the rim either side of the valve stem hole.

Part# cast into rear of wheel spoke.

Each wheel has the Porsche part# cast into the back side of one of the spokes.

Wheel material composition cast into rear of spoke - along with rim width and offset.

The compound of the metal the wheel is made from and the wheel size rim width (in inches) x rim dia. (in inches) - offset (in mm) is also cast into the back of one spoke.

Proof that the original factory rims were made in Italy.

REAR wheels - 8” wide - Part# 965 362 126 01

8 inch rim fitted with a non-stock RS cap.

17” diameter by 8” wide RSA rear rim is shown above fitted with a non-stock RS centercap.

The rim width and offset can be clearly seen at top dead center of the rim.

The rim width (in inches) = 8 and offset (in mm) = 52 is cast into the front of the rim either side of the valve stem hole.

The Porsche part# for the stock 8” rim.

The wheel size - rim width, rim dia., and offset.

The code for the material composition of the wheel, and its size, rim width (in inches) x rim dia. (in inches) - offset (in mm) is also cast into the back of one spoke.

Center caps.

The stock centercaps were silver/gray plastic with a Porsche crest stamped in them [show me]. They are attached to the wheel by seven prongs on the back that snapped into the hole in the wheel center. A very popular modification to the wheel is to fit the plastic centercaps from the European [show me].

993 RS center caps.

At the time of writing there are a very limited number of New Old Stock cap sets available to registry members through this website. They will be sold to members on a first-come-first-served basis so, if you are interested, click here to find out more.

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