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One of only four in Ferrari Light Yellow. Click on the above image to read about when all four met.

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This equates to over 69.9% of all ever made!

7th August 2010

  • URGENT! - URGENT! - URGENT! - ACTION REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY ... this month there is a magazine with a seven page article (including a full front cover shot) featuring the , get your copy while stocks last!
  • A new page on the website showing visually enhanced
  • Registry member Eric S of VA and his are featured in his local PCA Newsletter.
  • Bad news/Good news - Bad: another bites the dust - Good: The Registry member who was driving was unhurt.

Eric W of MD ready to do battle!.
Eric W of MD looking more like a show car than a track weapon!
  • August 2010 - A UK magazine compares the to the legendary RoW 964 .
RS America Vs RoW 964 RS
Versus RoW compare and contrast.

For those of you who don't spend time on Rennlist 964 forum (which is where I learned of this magazine article) there is a UK magazine called “911 & Porsche World” which this month is featuring an article on my buddy Don Traver's . Don has an article on the Articles/Member page of this site describing how browsing one afternoon resulted in him flying to the other side of the US and doing a 3,000 mile test drive .... in the worst ice storm to hit North Carolina in recorded history. Don never was one of those guys who do things the easy way!

Several years later Don and I were driving the Nurburgring in rented track prepared cars (courtesy of Mark & Tina T of Autobahn Adventures) when Don said that he wanted to drive the Ring in his . Well .... fast forward to summer 2010, and he's doing it!!!

Many have called it the trip of a lifetime. Don shipped his car to England and flew over there with the only thing planned being his first few nights reservation at a hotel and reservations to drive to Le Mans in his with a group of Porsche enthusiasts from the Porsche Club GB. Don has visited several towns in England plus a few landmarks (e.g., Stonehenge), he drove to Le Mans, then visited friends in France, Luxembourg and Germany so far ... but he's been touring Europe for nearly 3 months and still has almost 2 months of touring left to go! He was last heard of heading out to exercise the M030 suspension on his on the alpine passes in Switzerland and Italy.

Don T & Henrik H compare and contrast.
Don T of CA meets up with Henrik H of Germany and they compare .

When this retired military man goes on a road trip ...... he doesn't mess about. When he first arrived in the UK he called and told me that a couple of guys from 911 & Porsche World had heard about his European tour and had asked to meet him for a photoshoot and interview. This article is the result of that meeting.

To read the article, either select the link from the dropdown menu titled “Articles/Road Test Articles” that appears at the top of every page of this website, or just click on either of the two images above.

  • Registry member Eric S of VA is featured in PCA Founders' Region Potomac Newsletter.
The immaculately detailed and yet race prepared car of Eric S of VA.
Drivers Ed instructor Eric S of VA has driven his on numerous tracks over several years,
yet he still manages to keep it looking sharp enough to concours.

Long time registry member, and provider of numerous high quality images, Eric S of VA was featured in his local Porsche Club of America Region Newsletter, and the article provides an insight into how he used a logical, structured approach to “investing” his money in high performance driving, and he then goes on to discuss the “slippery slope”. Eric is a proponent of the philosophy that seat time is far more important than upgrades - a nugget of wisdom learned through experience. Too many times drivers early in their learning curve yearn for (and often find themselves struggling to master) some of the highest technology upgrades and modifications. My personal approach is to ask - do you want a wickedly fast car with a good driver, or is your goal a wickedly good driver who can sucessfully utilize any car?

To read the article click on the image above.

  • A new web page for to display their graphics.
An example of great graphics (at high speed!!) from Dell T of NC.

As more and more are modified for track use, the number of cars with personalized graphics - either via a custom paint job or maybe using decals, is gradually increasing. Some of these examples of creative artwork can really make the car “pop” visually and it certainly lets everyone know that yours is not just another Limited Edition, performance based version of Porsche's legendary 911.

To view the graphics page, either take look at the bottom of the dropdown menu titled “Picture Gallery” that appears at the top of every page of this website, or just click on the image above.

  • Another expires at the track.
Another that is no longer with us.

Registry member Richard S unfortunately had an Off Track Excursion (OTE) at Spokane County Raceway causing his car initially to roll and then to flip end-over-end. Fortunately, Richard was shaken but unhurt, unfortunately the same could not be said of his as can be seen from the above image.

This once again reinforces the adage do not take your car to a racetrack unless you are prepared to walk away from it.

While nobody wants to see a guy get hurt or total his racecar, it is a part of the calculated risk all drivers take when they decide to put their car on the track. I spoke with Richard and we decided that going through something awful like that and coming out unhurt is definitely a win. I refer to these moments as lifes “medals” because one day, when you're old and gray, you can tell the grandkids the story about the time you totaled your Porsche at the track.

As a salute to great that are no longer with us, I have created an “In Memoriam” page on this site. If you're brave enough to view the carnage on the page ..... either select the “In Memoriam” link from the dropdown menu titled “Picture Gallery” that appears at the top of every page of this website, or just click on the image above.

Does your have a clean title? - it has never been written off by Insurance companies as beyond economic repair (BOR), the owner paid off and the “remains” sold ... correct?

Are you sure..........?

If your has been registered in more than one state ... you just might want to check to see if it was ever declared to have a salvaged title which can be “rinsed” by registering the repaired car in another state. To find out more about rinsing the title, click here.

4th July 2010

  • So what the **** happened to in 2009?
  • The twentieth Member article ........ and it's a peach!!
  • at PCA National Parade 2009.
  • .net Polo shirts with a new logo - check it out!!
  • around the World.
Mark T of CO - track ready! .
Mark T of CO is track ready!!
  • So where was the Registry website in 2009?

Well, I was going to explain why I have not done anything more than update the Marketplace/Vehicles For Sale page, and the Registry statistics page for the last year, but it sounded like a bunch of “old guy” excuses! Suffice to say - I changed my job and bought a house.

Fairly run-of-the-mill activities that most of us go through at some point, however .... think back to packing, moving in, unpacking and painting, fixing things up, landscaping etc. etc. and see if you can figure out how to fit in staying on the computer until 3am doing website updates. I was unable to figure out how to do that, so... the site ..... and unfortunately most things was simply out-prioritized. I still have a list of house projects that will keep a team of guys busy for around ten years, but .... I really missed driving my . Track days gave way to installing sprinkler systems and stripping wallpaper! Then I took time off from the house and did a San Diego Region autocross - which re-calibrated my priorities, made me appreciate what an incredible car I have and inspired me to work on the website. All it took was fiscal approval from “her-indoors” to get a set of Bilstein's finest PSS 10s and a set of Toyo RA1s to get me “ back on track”.

I now have a bow-wave ahead of me of items I want to post on the site, so here goes!

  • The site gets it's twentieth article written by a registry member .. and it's a GREAT one!!

I had the good fortune to meet the man responsible for approaching Porsche with a proposal for a limited edition 911 model that was to later become the .

He spent a morning telling me where the kernel of the idea originated, how he put his proposal together, how it was received and that Porsche tasked him with doing more research and building a specification sheet for the car - which he did. He then explained what had to happen to bring the car to the US at the 1992 New York Auto show.

For his involvement in the inception of the car he earned the title “The Father of the ”. To read an interview and find out more about both this fascinating man and the introduction of the .... CLICK HERE .

  • at PCA National Parade 2009 in Keystone CO.
National concours division-winning 964.
Peter P's look 964 poses for the camera in the National PCA Concours at PCA Parade '09.
To read an article about Peter's emarkable car - click on the image above.

I was unable to attend Parade 2009, but I do know that there were four in attendance and that all four of them were registry members. The scenery in and around Keystone is truly incredible and with the great weather the week of Parade it was pretty difficult to take a bad picture - as long as you got the whole car in shot and you didn't have the shakes. I have posted a shot of each that attended, plus a great image above of Peter P's Grand Prix White “ look” Carrera 2. Peter refer's to it as a “Touring ” as it has automatic transmission - (hence the license plate). The Four registry members at Parade '09 were as follows:

David B of CO
David B of CO's proving that the way to make a Speed Yellow GT3 look better...
..... is to have it reflected in a immaculately detailed black .

Jim B of CA
Jim B of CA's languishing on the concours lawn - which is unusual as it is normally seen moving pretty darned rapidly.

Larry S of CA
Larry S of CA doing what do best and winning his class in PCA national autocross AND getting 3rd Top Time of Day!!

I received a brief e-mail from Larry S of CA saying that he won his class at the Keystone Parade autocross and came in third top time of day - which is pretty darned impressive in itself, but he neglected to mention that he beat the second place car in his class by over 5 (five) seconds, AND was competing on the street tires on which he drove the car to parade. GREAT job Larry! ... ya did it again Buddy!!

Sid C of ID
Sid C of ID - moving right along (note the twin exhaust tips).

  • Polo shirts in stock - now with a new logo.
RSA polo shirts.

Polo shirts

I have been working to get new net polo shirts, and have come up with a design I am pretty happy with which has the registry logo - including a 2 1/2” long profile of an on the left breast.

The shirts are available in the five colors that the cars came in - Guards Red - Grand Prix White - Midnight Blue (navy) - Polar Silver (gray) and Black (black). Unfortunately, when I was photographing the two dark shirts (navy & black) the flash from the camera picked up on the grey stitching used for the windows and washed out the silver-gray outline somewhat. Net result the two images of the dark shirts with the silver profile did not come out very well - the picture definitely doesn't do the shirt justice.

If you do decide to order one of these shirts (in any color), and you are not satisfied with it, if you send it back to me in the same condition that you received it, I will be happy to refund your money.

PLEASE NOTE: the microfiber jackets are only available in black so the car profile will be in silver-gray per the black or navy polo shirts.

To find out more about the net polo shirts go to the “Marketplace/parts & accessories” page of this website, and look under the section marked “For Sale: Exclusively to Registry members”.

Please let me know if you are interested in other logo items, I am considering baseball caps and possibly coffee mugs - big ones! .... not those stupid little ones you drink from with your little finger in the air!

  • around the World.
The license plate is the give away - this ex TX RSA now lives in Portugal.
Do you notice anything unusual about this beautiful Grand Prix White ?

I keep track of as many as I can, but with over 400 in the registry it is not unlike keeping track of 400 mice. Cars sell and I am not aware of the change of owners - even when they are advertised on the Marketplace/Vehicles page of this website (my favoritew whine), but the current registry database shows that there are registry members with in 14 countries other than the US and Canada - remember Porsche made these cars specifically for USA and Canada market.

The Argentinian RSA!!
Rodrigo T ..... our man in Argentina.

To find out more about the worldwide location of go the the Registry page of this site and click on Regitsry Statistics you can see where 425 cars are located.

  Coutry # of   Coutry # of   Coutry # of
  Argentina 1   Ireland 1   Portugal 2
  Austria 1   Japan 1   Puerto Rico 2
  England 2   The Netherlands 1   South Africa 1
  France 1   Norway 1   Taiwan 1
  Germany 6   Philippines 2    

The Grand Prix White car above? The unusual thing about it ?..... is it's license plate. This ex-West TX car is now at home in Portugal.

Enjoying a spring drive through the Black Forest.
Henrik H enjoying a spring day in his on some of Germany's best back-country roads.

Do you know what the Dyno Test Technician did halfway through testing an that was so shocking it caused the cars owner to say

Right at about the point when I felt I could stand no more and I was seriously considering dragging the tester out of the car before the whole thing exploded into about a million small-but-very-expensive pieces, the dyno tester guy did something truly remarkable ...”

To find out more go the Articles/Member page via a pull-down menu at the top of every page of this website and read an article entitled “Where the Rubber meets the road.” by Keith V - or click here.

22nd Nov 2008

  • Roll call!   Calling all owners!
  • registry member wins National PCA Concours award at Parade 2008
  • New Polo shirts - now in stock!!
  • Merlin - the autocross video.
  • In Memoriam - a new picture page on this site remembering no longer with us.
Greg H of TX
A great shot of the Grand Prix White owned by Steve P of TX.
  • Roll call! It's time to update the registry database.

For the past few months I have not been able to spend time updating the registry website any further than keeping the Marketplace/Vehicles page current by posting For Sale ads as cars come up for sale, and then removing ads when they sell. As a wise man once said ..... “Life is what happens while you're planning other things!”

As I haven't sent out a registry e-newsletter for a while, I am expecting to find that the contact data that I have for many registry members is most likely out of date. I understand that people move house, sell their Porsches and sometimes just change e-mail addresses in the continuing race to stay ahead of spam mail.

I'm therefore sending an URGENT request out to all owners (whether current registry members or not) to please e-mail me to confirm that this message has reached you. I would also be grateful if you could please advise me if your city, state, phone# or e-mail address has changed.

PLEASE NOTE: Any personal or contact data disclosed by registry participants will be considered confidential and as such will not be distributed, posted or forwarded without specific written permission (e-mail is acceptable) from the owner concerned.

For some reason I am still having great difficulty in getting owners to let me know when they sell their cars. I get upset when every now and then I am told that my website is “a piece of junk” (or similar descriptive expletives) because the For Sale ads are out of date. Help me out here guys - it REALLY shouldn't be this difficult!!!!! If you sold your and it was advertised on my site - you need to let me know so I can remove the stale ad - and also please provide me with an e-mail address or phone# for the new owner so I can invite them to join the registry and with your help I don't lose track of yet another .

Can you hear me NOW?

On 23-Nov. I sent an e-newsletter to all 392 registry members requesting a reply both to confirm receipt and to validate the e-mail address I have on file is still correct, and to date I have received responses from

161 out of 392

which is a little more than one third and somewhat disappointing ...... to put it mildly.

So ..... if you didn't get a November '08 e-newsletter e-mail, it is probably for one of the following reasons

  • you did not check your e-mail
  • my e-mail address is listed as spam in your e-mail address book, was blocked and probably deleted
  • you have a new e-mail address and have not given me your current e-mail address

I understand that in order to defeat spam - or perhaps on a whim - people change e-mail addresses - it happens. I also understand that ensuring one receives every e-newsletter from is probably not the highest priority in ones life, so ... if you didn't get the e-newsletter, please click on the “I didn't get an e-newsletter” link below and it will load an e-mail to me from you, then click on “send” and I will get your e-mail and update your data on the database .......... don't make me come over there!

CLICK HERE > > > > >

  I didn't get an e-newsletter!

< < < < < CLICK HERE

OK then! That's pretty much the end of my whining session.......... (for now).

Many thanks!! KV.
  • PCA National Concours winning .
National concours division-winning RSA.
Bill F of NC does owners everywhere proud in the National PCA Concours at PCA Parade '08 in Charlotte NC.

First and foremost thanks are due to Lonnie B of VA for taking all of the pictures you see here (plus several hundred more) at PCA Parade 2008 in Charlotte NC. While not actually an owner, Lonnie does own a pristine guards red 1993 964 Carrera 2, resplendent with a whaletail no less!! As I was unable to go to Parade this year, Lonnie took his camera along to concours day on Sunday and fired off some shots of the Porsches on the streets of downtown Charlotte.

Bill F of NC - a registry member with a mint condition and a lot of experience of Porsche ownership (having owned over 40) entered it into this years Parade concours in the Preparation Group for model years 1989-1998. For more details of Bill and his click here or on the image of his car above.

The class was fairly large with a total of seven entrants and had some REALLY nice condition cars, but ........ needless to say, our man Bill took first place - making his a national concours award winner.

CONGRATULATIONS Bill - we're proud of you!!

The unknown racer.
The unknown racer.


The image to the left is a rare shot of a man we shall call “the unknown racer”. He is easily identifiable due to the fact that he has a tendency to stand on one leg a lot - although authorities believe he is not related to Captain Morgan in any way.

He drives a race-modified, guards red and was last seen in public at PCA Parade Charlotte 2008. His true identity remains unknown and may remain forever a secret, but there is reason to believe he has a great deal of racing experience.

This is evident from this picture, where you can clearly see that even when standing still, his coiled stance is that of a man just about to heel-&-toe.

Observe his posture closely, and you will notice one arm is bent (as if to hold a steering wheel), the other arm straight (poised for a lightning quick gear shift), the right leg is flat to the floor and the left leg poised to engage the clutch. Also notice the steel-eyed look of concentration, borne of constantly searching out the next apex.

If you see this man, do not make eye contact with him or he will race you ..... most likely to the death. If you are aware of his identity please e-mail me and I will put some sensible captions on the following photo's of his car.

If by chance you happen to engage him in a conversation, under no circumstances discuss racing, race equipment, selling a street to procure a dedicated track car, race tires or anything track related. The safest bet might be to only engage in small talk such as “How come you don't have an .net sticker in your back windshield?”

The following are a few more of Lonnie B's shots of other 's at Charlotte Parade - of which there were at least two!!

Thanks again to Lonnie for taking these shots and sending them on to me.

RSAs exuding their inherant coolness in Downtown Charlotte..
The unknown racers guards red car with subtle clues revealing it's track readiness - such as the roll bar and brake cooling ducts replacing fog lights,
languishes ahead of Marvin J of MD's stealth black with lightweight black wheels.

Red 964's looking like twins at first glance
Looking like twins at first glance, these two guards red 964's in the pre-concours placement staging area bear a strong resemblance.

Rear deck lid emblems reveal all - a Carrera 2 and an RSA.
The rear deck lid emblems reveal all, with the left car being ace photographer Lonnie B's Carrera 2 and the RH car being the unknown racer's .

An ant's eye view of Marv J of MD's RSA.
An ant's eye view of Marvin J of MD's .

Bill F's national concours division-winning RSA.
Bill F of NC and the original owner that he bought the car from (also Bill) guard the while “the boss” Linda manages crowd control.
Check out the glistening exhaust heatshield and undercarriage just visible behind the rear wheel.

  • NEW Polo shirts in stock - Microfiber jackets coming soon.
RSA polo shirts.

Polo shirts

I have been working to get new net polo shirts, and have come up with a design I am pretty happy with which has the registry logo - including a 2.5” long profile of an on the left breast.

The shirts are available in the five colors that the cars came in - Guards Red - Grand Prix White - Midnight Blue (navy) - Polar Silver (gray) and Black (black). Unfortunately, when I was photographing the two dark shirts (navy & black) the flash from the camera picked up on the grey stitching used for the windows and washed out the silver-gray outline somewhat. Net result the two images of the dark shirts with the silver profile did not come out very well - the picture definitely doesn't do the shirt justice. I'll take some more pictures and re-post the images sometime in the near future.

If you do decide to order one of these shirts (in any color), and you are not satisfied with it, if you send it back to me in the same condition that you received it, I will be happy to refund your money.

I am now putting together an order for the new logo with the car profile for the black micro-fiber jackets. PLEASE NOTE: these microfiber jackets are only available in black so the car profile will be in silver-gray per the black or navy polo shirts.

To find out more about the net polo shirts and the Microfiber jackets go to the “Marketplace/parts & accessories” page of this website, and look under the section marked “For Sale: Exclusively to Registry members”.

Please let me know if you are interested in other logo items, I am considering baseball caps and possibly coffee mugs - big ones! .... not those stupid little ones you drink from with your little finger in the air!

  • Merlin - the movie.
Is that ..... Merlin the magic cone.
Could it be ..... ? Is it possible that the famous ...... Merlin is flashing by in the picture above? Go ahead ... click on it and find out.

Who is Merlin? Why is there a movie? Where does he come from? What does he do?

Find out for yourself by clicking on the image above - or by clicking here ...... and be sure you read the movie credits.
  • When it's really hard to look at a beautiful Porsche.
Not for the faint of heart.
A reminder that taking your to the track ... where the weakest part of the driving system is most likely you ....
..... is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

I am often asked “How many 's have been totalled?” To be honest, I have no idea. It is actually a very difficult question to answer because there is more than one definition of the term “Totaled”. I assume the person asking the question means how many have been destroyed. I can tell you that I'm aware of 15 that have been reported to me as totaled, a further 5 still around with a salvaged title and another two stolen and not recovered. I'm sure that this is just a small percentage of the actual number of totaled, salvaged and stolen and we may never know the true number, plus ... I can understand an owner not e-mailing me saying “Hey - guess what......?” when they have just balled up their Porsche.

To be honest, I have a hard time looking at images of damaged 's, but after some consideration, I have decided to post a page on the website that I will call “In Memoriam”. This page is intended to remind us of great cars that are no longer with us (unless of course they have had their titles “rinsed”). For more info on title rinsing, read the text on the “In Memoriam” page.

I must caution you - this page is not for the faint of heart, but if you choose to view it you can do so by using the “Picture Gallery” drop-down menu at the top of every page on the website, or by clicking here.

Do you know what the Dyno Test Technician did halfway through testing an that was so shocking it caused the cars owner to say

Right at about the point when I felt I could stand no more and I was seriously considering dragging the tester out of the car before the whole thing exploded into about a million small-but-very-expensive pieces, the dyno tester guy did something truly remarkable ...”

To find out more go the Articles/Member page via a pull-down menu at the top of every page of this website and read an article entitled “Where the Rubber meets the road.” by Keith V - or click here.

5th May 2008

  • registry meet at California Speedway Fontana.
  • Artwork - a new artist discovered.
  • Most wanted.
  • The little known fifth option.
David H of WA
On the second day of owning his , David H of WA started learning how to get the most out of it ......
..... at Thunderhill raceway!

  • registry meet at California Speedway Fontana.
RSAs begin the track tour.

Five years ago Southern California registry members met at California Speedway in Fontana for an impromptu corral, to watch some very high-level amateur wheel-to-wheel Porsche racing at the big track, and to go on a lunchtime track tour. On 6th April this year there was a repeat performance - specifically a gathering of registry members in their cars heading out in a group to once again participate in a lunch time track tour of both the infield and the NASCAR banking.

You can read the article on the “Articles/Member” page of this web site, either by clicking on the image above ... or by clicking here.

  • Artwork - a new artist discovered.
RSA artwork.

Earlier this year I was at a Porsche swap meet in Los Angeles in my continuing search for items, when I came across a small booth with some fantastic artwork depicting high-end sports cars. The illustrations displayed were truly remarkable. The perspective and shading was so sharp that it made the images look almost 3D. I met the artist who is a very unassuming, down to earth guy, who although quiet and reserved, is passionate about his work and it definitely shows in the finished product. I asked him if he would be prepared to create an image of my and he agreed. We arranged for him to drive down to San Diego and take some pictures of my car, and a few days later he called to say that the first image was done. The following Saturday morning I arranged to meet him at the informal car show in Irvine, CA known as “Cars-n-coffee” and he delivered the first of several truly amazing images.

To view more of his work, and to find out how to obtain copies, either click on the image above or click here.

  • most wanted.
RS Americas most wanted.
Everything you see in this picture is a genuine Porsche original factory item for use on an .

As some registry members may already know, several years ago - maybe five or six, the West Coast Parts manager for Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) - a gentleman by the name of Terry Wells, arranged for PCA members to have a tour of the Porsche West Coast parts warehouse in Ontario on the Eastern edge of Los Angeles. I had already decided that I wanted to go and pay the parts warehouse a visit and see just what pieces they had available, but when Terry announced that for this day only, there would be a discount on all parts purchased by attendees, for me this became a must-attend event.

Terry also coordinated 12 Southern California Porsche Dealers and invited them to come to the warehouse and set up stalls outside in the parking lot in order to sell genuine Porsche items at a reduced rate as a sort of inventory clearance sale. This meant items including (but not limited to) take-off wheels and tires, boutique items such as shirts, jackets, hats, sunglasses, posters, model Porsches, etc. etc. were all going to be available to the Porsche faithful at a huge discount!! The boutique items made for an interesting swap meet sale, but for me, a chance to get hold of items at a reduced pice was the clincher. I had decided to buy as much stuff as I could in order to offer it to owners - as a benefit of being an registry member. This was a “win-win” because registry members got a source for genuine Porsche factory parts, and I, in turn, had created a strong incentive for owners to join the registry.

The big day arrived and I headed up to Ontario to the Porsche parts warehouse (along with around 700 other interested parties). Try to imagine my disappointment when, having found the parts manager, I asked him what parts they had in stock .... and he said that because the car was a very limited production run, it was not “lean” for their warehouse facility to store components with such a slow turnover rate due to a small customer base requiring them! In fact, he said that in all the time he had worked there, he had never seen any parts and was pretty sure that there weren't any at this facility. His guess was that these “special limited run” items would be stored in Stuttgart where they had more room!!

I remember being so disappointed I just wanted to get back on the freeway and head home. Then I had an idea. I went back to my car and pulled out the owners manual supplement. I got the WAP part number from it and went back into the warehouse, but this time I asked a different person to check availability of that part number ....... guess what???? Yup! ........ they had 28 of them in stock! So when the guy asked how many I wanted, I of course replied ...... “All of 'em.”

With this major success under my belt, I decided to “go for broke” and asked about the “” and “” emblems from the rear deck lid ........... they had 19 and 15 of each in stock! I couldn't believe it!! I bought ....... “All of 'em.”

By now you should be seeing a pattern here! I bought every piece of stock in the warehouse of the “” side decals located on the body work just forward of each rear wheel - both black and silver (the only two colors originally available from the factory). I also scored a whole ream of the Porsche 8 1/2” x 11” black and white ad, often referred to as the “160 mph Air Conditioning” poster - PLUS a rare find indeed - the Dealer Service Information - Technical Manual. This is an 8 page b&w 8.5” x 11.5” training booklet issued in 1992 only to dealers (not intended for the public) providing familiarization training data on the new model due to be introduced for 1993. This manual has sections on: Engine, Fuel, Transmission, Running gear, Body, electrical and optional equipment. There is even a table comparing the with the US 964 . As this document was never actually available to the public, I think it would be best if the exact details of how I managed to obtain the entire remaining stock of these particular items were to remain a mystery - purely to protect the innocent you understand.

Outside the Porsche warehouse.
laying in wait outside the Porsche Cars North America's parts warehouse.

A few years later I met a guy at the annual Porsche Literature swap meet in the Hilton at LAX who claimed he had a whole stack of factory sales brochures for sale. I immediately struck up a deal and bought his complete stock, so these no longer available, mint condition, factory brochures are now available (to registry members only) via the Marketplace/Parts & Accessories page of this website.

So what are the most frequently requested items today? ...........

...... funnily enough, although all of the above items are requested on an ongoing regular basis, the two most frequently asked for items - which so far, I have not been able to find a reliable source for ... are owners manuals and tool kits.

RSA owners manuals.
Click on the image above to see what manuals
you should have with your .

Complete RSA toolkit.
Click on the image above to see what should be in your tool kit.

I am trying to set up a deal with Porsche dismantlers to buy tool kits and manuals from 1993/4 911s. Interestingly, almost all Porsche dismantlers I have contacted so far have said that it is extremely rare to find the manuals and tool kits still in cars that are towed there! The question then arises .... what happens to these items when meet their demise and head off to the breakers yard? The only answer has to be that the owners keep these items for cars that they no longer own. I guess owners are given one last chance to clear out the car before it is scrapped.

So ..... if you once had an , but don't own one now, and for whatever reason you hung on to the tool kit and manuals, please e-mail me because there are numerous owners who do have the car ... but don't have the tool kit or manuals.

  • The little known fifth option.
  Option #   Description
220   Limited slip differential (40% locking)
331   Porsche CR-1 Cassette/radio with 2 door mounted speakers
573   Air conditioning with automatic climate control
650   Electrically operated sunroof

Most everyone who knows is aware that the 1993 came with 48 options .... whereas the had only four ....

..... per the table above, right? ...... well ............ not exactly!

The truth be known, there was actually a fifth option available if you were ordering your new from Porsche but very few people were aware of it.

For those of you knowledgeable types who are thinking it's metallic paint ..... you're wrong! I'm not referring to that. Personally, I wouldn't call the Midnight Blue metallic and Polar Silver metallic exterior paint a factory “option” really, I see them as more of a “choice” if you will.

So this secret option? Well take a look at your ID label either in the front of your maintenance manual, or under the front hood just behind the latch.

The largest number in roughly the middle of the label is the factory paint code for exterior paint (in the example below it is “L998 - color to sample”) and just to the right of the paint code is the two digit “X - code”.

The 2 digit “X - code”.

So what exactly is this “X - code”, and what does it signify?

Well, the “X - code” was how you selected the interior trim color for your car. By interior trim I am, of course, referring to the color of your front seatbelts and the webbing door-pulls used to open the doors from the inside. All the rest of a stock interior is black. There were three seatbelt/door-pull colors available, and they were as follows:

     Webbing color
XX         Red
XY         Blue
XZ         Black

The red belts and pull-strap of “XX” was very popular with Guards Red and Black , while the “XY” blue was a favorite with Polar Silver and Midnight Blue metallic cars, but by far the most common option, was the “XZ” with all black webbing matching the car's black interior.

Red seatbelts & doorpulls.
XX = Red interior accent
Blue seatbelts & doorpulls.
XY = Blue interior accent

Have you checked the “Site Map” page to be sure that you've seen everything on this website yet? How about the Factory Press Releases page? Did you notice that the Press Release from Porsche Cars North America, issued on April 1st, incorrectly listed the colors in which the was available? There is also a factory Press photos page showing all the official pictures available at the introduction of the . To access these pages from anywhere on this site simply click on the blue text headers at the top of any page, or you could always use the links at the bottom of every page.

21st Feb 2008

  • NEWSFLASH - NEWSFLASH - NEWSFLASH - New article at your news agents right now.
  • Autocross video - not for the internet challenged.
  • Coming to Southern California the first weekend in April! Another registry gathering.
  • Send your favorite photo(s) of your and I will create a web page on this site that you can brag about to family & friends.

Still at the newsagents........... at the time of writing!!

Total911 magazines Feb 2008 article on the .

  • The Brits FINALLY recognize the as a “fascinating and rare car” in an Article in Total 911 magazine.

A six page, full color article on the was published in the February edition of TOTAL911 - a British car magazine dedicated to the Porsche 911. Although the magazine is distributed throughout the USA at major news agents, magazine stores and bookshops, as it is 21st February (at the time of writing) the March edition of T911 will be arriving imminently - and the Feb editions are just about to be disposed of. I suggest that you get out there and snag a copy ASAP.

If you're unlucky enough to miss getting your own copy of this magazine .... you can always read the article here on this site as the 12th article on the “Articles/Road test” page, by clicking either on the image above ... or here.

  • The video - have you seen it yet?
Click on this image to watch a 9 minute RSA video.
Click on this image to view a 9 minute video of an at autocross.

On 26th January '08 PCA's San Diego Region had an autocross at the Qualcomm stadium parking lot, when club member and avid photographer Ted W arrived with a new camera mount system which attaches to the windshield via a large suction cup. Anxious to test this new piece of photographic hardware, he asked if I would be a guinea-pig and run a few laps with an in-car camera. Vanity being one of my greater strengths, how could I possibly refuse?

In addition to filming three laps from inside the car, Ted demonstrated his camera skills by running another camera from outside the car and, after a little editing, he put together a nine minute video in medium to high resolution ..... many thanks Ted. The only downside is that it's a file of over 30Meg - which means don't even think about trying to download it without cable internet. You could actually download it using a phone dial-up connection - but it might take a day or two. For those of you with fast internet access and good bandwidth (or a lot of patience) click on the image above or click here to see some good action footage.

  • April 4 thru 6 is the California Festival of Speed - mark your calendars for Sunday 6th.

As mentioned in the news article below, April 4 - 6 is a huge Porsche weekend for Southern California. The biggest gathering of Porsches in the West coast will be happening out at Fontana about 35 minutes East of Downtown LA and registry members will be there on Sunday 6th. In order for us to drive the lunchtime track tour in our own run group we have to have a certain number sign up. For this reason, if you are thinking about coming out to the corral - I would be very grateful if you could please e-mail me so I can give you more details of the Sunday gathering and get a count of how many cars to expect.

For more information on the California Festival of Speed see the Sep-2007 news article below or click here.

  • Would you like to have your own web page on this website?

If you send me a picture or two of your I will be happy to post them on a web page on this site. If you would like to add captions - feel free!! Just send me what you would like to say and within reason - it will be posted on your page. The only requirement is that you please keep the content related. To view some example pages click on the “Picture Gallery/Member Webpage's” link which is at the top of every page on the site.

Have you seen the Frequently Asked Questions page? What about the OEM Equipment page including sections on standard equipment and features peculiar to the , including (but not limited to) the whale tail rear spoiler, wheels, toolkit, spare wheel, sport seats, rear stowage bins ... and much more! To access these pages click on the blue text headers at the top of any page on this site.
You could always use the “Site Map” page to check that you've seen everything on this website.

These are news page summaries,
to view the full news page - click on the date.

11th Sep 2007

  • PCA Parade San Diego - the came, saw & most definitely conquered!
  • PCA Zone 7 rep, his and the significance of four seconds.
  • having fun at La Junta CO.
  • Coming up soon - the largest gathering of Porsches in Southern California ........ mark your calendars.
  • Who are those guys..........? Mystery owners - help needed in identifying them.
Did you notice the flag?
The corral at Parade San Diego 2007.

To view the full news page - click on the date.

20th May 2007

  • PCA Parade San Diego - Registration for the Porsche Paddock is now open!
  • The owner who really knows a good Porsche when he owns one.
  • A couple of customized interiors
  • run together at Carolinas Motorsport Park.
Carl D of Canada.
Carl D of Quebec, Canada captures a shot of his cooling off in the shade.

To view the full news page - click on the date.

25th Mar 2007

  • - PCA Parade is in a different city every year, for '07 the venue is San Diego - find out how to join the
    Corral in the Porsche Paddock!
  • How many owners does it take to change a light bulb?
  • Revamped European car road test article
  • One out of every two made are in the Registry - find out more.
Bill M of FL exercising his mint condition - see if you can figure out which track he is at.

To view the full news page - click on the date.

28th Dec 2006

  • - Calling all owners
  • Planning ahead for a national gathering on the West Coast - July '07
  • Missing Road & Track road test article found at last
  • A are outh merican
  • registry members show their colors at the Zone 1 Autocross
registry members cars in formation at Fort Devens Zone 1 Autocross (see below).

4th Sep 2006

  • PCA Parade Portland Article
  • The new highest mileage
  • personalized plates
  • gathering in San Diego this coming 8th October
David H of TN ...... 'flying the flag'
The of David H of TN posing with Old glory.

2nd July 2006

  • PCA Parade in Portland OR - Aug '06
  • The highest mileage
  • personalized plates
  • World record attempt gathering in San Diego this coming October
  • Have a good 4th of July!!
Mark W of NH ...... 'doing the business'
Mark W of NH in his ...... “doing the business”.

To view the full news page - click on the date.

8th May 2006

  • One Registry member had his SERIOUSLY upgraded!
  • Longevity - a search for the highest mileage
  • Does your have personalized plates?
  • Canadian .... where are you?
Who needs corner workers? All those other drivers were just getting in the way anyway.
Andy S of SC had so much fun at VIR in his with Randy Pobst as his instructor....
...... he just didn't want to go home!

20th April 2006

  • This months member article about is published nationally!!
  • .net rear window decals now available.
  • Service Info Technic booklets available.
  • Not receiving the Registry e-newsletter? Here's why.
Photoshop is a wonderful way to turn snapshots into portraits
Using Stanton L of CA's as a model, Mike Sugrue demonstrates his considerable photographic talents.
(Note the twin exhaust system a' la 965 Turbo!)

To view the full news page - click on the date.

5th March 2006

  • “A Swarm of FLYs” - this months member article is about a gathering of very rare !!
  • Top quality .net logo microfiber jackets are now available to registry members.
  • A request for help from current and past owners to help broaden the Registry database.
  • A request for digital pictures of your “.net external rear windshield decal.
The RSA is very hard to beat in terms of 'bang for the buck'
Andy S of SC said “I was running with the big boys at VIR last Nov. and had an absolute blast!
I passed the CGT and 996TT in the photo above ...... needless to say, I was very pleased with my car!”

21st January 2006

  • The return of !!
  • At last! .net Polo shirts are available.
  • This months Tech article - What to do if your front hood release cable breaks.
  • Feature your as the photo of the month.
Aother striking RSA image from Susan G
A great shot of Susan G of Vancouver Canada's lowered Midnight Blue Metallic
displaying it's logo centercaps and its clear front turn signals.

To view the full news page - click on the date.

July/August 2005

  • PCA 50th Parade corral report.
  • Individual portrait photos have been posted of each that attended the corral.
  • Tech article - What to do when the rear deck lid release cable breaks.
  • Rumors of a RUF .
  • Coming down the pipe.
Parade '05 ..... What an absolute BLAST

10 June 2005

  • An URGENT request to all owners attending the Hershey car show - Registry members or not.
  • AT LEAST 31 Registry members will be bringing their cars to the corral at PCA Parade.
  • New .net items available to Registry members.
Did you notice that there is no flat black paint on the lower sill?
A shot of Bert B of Ontario Canada's' Midnight Blue Metallic displaying it's fabulous paintwork.

5 Apr 2005

  • Registration data for Registry members attending the corral at PCA Parade in Hershey PA Sun Jun 26th.
  • An Dyno day in San Diego on 23 Apr '05 - ONLY 3 weekends away!!
  • Another two factory press photo's discovered.
  • Another Road test article submitted.
New York Times ad

This 1993 newspaper ad that ran in the New York times states “Let's just hope your ATM is located on a steep, winding mountain road.”

To view the full news page - click on the date.

24 Mar 2005

  • Registry members start confirming their attendance at the largest gathering of ....EVER!
  • PLUS - Another gathering - this time in San Diego on 23 Apr '05 (see NEW member article)
  • Previously no longer available deck lid emblems are available once more!
  • and lastly ... a price break for Registry members on script floor mats!
Dyno day - when the truth about horsepower is revealed

San Diego dyno day coming soon - 23 Apr '05.

6 Mar 2005

  • COMING SOON .... the largest gathering of ....EVER!
  • PLUS - Road test articles on the .
  • The are coming!
Bob B playing his RSA like a violin
Bob B of CA gets serious at California Speedway.

20 Jan 2005

  • The youngest person to buy a new
  • More data regarding tool kits
  • A NEW “Equipment” section on the website
If you've got it ..... flaunt it
Marc F of New York - doing what do best!

To view the full news page - click on the date.

29 Dec 2004

  • What's in YOUR toolkit?
  • Possibly the youngest person ever to buy a brand new
tool kit
A complete toolkit with all 19 items (including the vinyl tool roll).

2 Nov 2004

  • One Registry members' bold new graphics make a statement
  • PLUS! - A further e-mail regarding the current market
Scott B of WA's Grand Prix White with his custom made “RS America” graphics
Scott B of WA's Grand Prix White with his custom graphics

4 Oct 2004

  • An e-mail from Tyler T in KY regarding his recently purchased .... is the market price of on the increase?
Tyler T of KY's fabulous Polar Silver metallic RS America

Tyler T of KY's fabulous Polar Silver metallic .

To view the full news page - click on the date.

25 Sep 2004

  • gather at PCA Potomac Region Drivers Ed event held at VIR.
Marvin J of MD captures RS America squadron in echelon formation at VIR

Marvin J of MD captures RS America squadron in echelon formation at VIR

14 Feb 2004 - Valentines Day!

  • WE HAVE A WINNER! ..... it is now official!! The contest for the ugliest picture ever taken........
Click on the date of this article to go to the news page to see more


Larry S of CA loads up his front right hand tire in a sharp Left Hander.

03 Jan 2004

  • Happy New Year! A glimpse of plans for 2004.
worms eye view...

Don T of CA captures a worms eye view of his .

22 Nov 2003

  • Sales Brochures now available in limited supply.
Factory original sales brochures now available to members

7 Oct 2003

  • Registry meet at Ventura CA for the German Autofest on Sep 13th.
RS Americas in Ventura
RS Americas gathered at California Speedway in Fontana

To view the full news page - click on the date.

2 Jul 2003

  • PCA SIG Registry given special recognition award.
  • Registry Group photos.
  • Sales Brochure availability.
  • A survey on rolled fenders, paint finish under your front hood, flat black paint on door panels and sunroof delete.

13 Jun 2003

  • The PCA Registry owners gathered in Fontana Southern California - June 7th
RS Americas gathered at California Speedway in Fontana

12 Apr 2003

  • production numbers are in from Porsche®
  • a new archive has been added to the website listing ads for sold on this website

01 Mar 2003

  • registry membership has surpassed the 200 mark!

02 Feb 2003

  • original factory items at the Los Angeles Porsche® Literature meet ....
  • photographs of the “NEW” taken at NAIAS '92 (North American International Auto Show) in Detroit now available

To view the full news page - click on the date.

01 Jan 2003 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Registry website significantly reworked including FAQ's and OEM Literature pages
  • A 3,000 mile test drive -Member article.

14 Dec 2002

  • market is on the move!
  • New format for the registry members monthly electronic newsletter
Greg M of Canada

27 Nov 2002

  • The website is out of “hibernation” and is ready to get back up to full speed!
  • Updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page, plus the Registry Statistics page with membership now at 175 and growing!
Eric W of MD.

23 Feb 2002

  • “OEM FActory data” page revised and updated
  • NEW “Factory Literature” page added

To view the full news page - click on the date.

3 Nov 2001

  • portraits available.
  • Porsche New Old Stock specific items for sale are disappearing fast.
Em & Bob T of NJ have matching “His” and “Hers”

28 Oct 2001

  • Mint condition factory items available For Sale to registry members only.
  • Member article “The worlds fastest Wine & Cheese party”
  • Author of 964 book requests owner input
Don A of NY at dusk.

22 Sep 2001

  • Protect your engine from significant engine damage due to distributor belt failure.
  • Registry business cards available to members
Dick L of WA on concours day at Parade Portland '06.

25 Aug 2001

  • Completing and returning a registry datasheet in order to join the registry is now an on-line process
  • Placing an ad on the marketplace pages is also now an on-line process

19 Aug 2001

  • New Tech Article on fitting your with an ABS override switch

17 Aug 2001

  • Member Articles increasing in number - now include “Living with a Supercharged
  • Over 70 photo's sent in by registry members now posted on the Photo Gallery page

August 1st, 2001 - the registry now has 118 members and, like this website, is growing stronger daily!!

To obtain the latest data on the registry, including the total number of members, how many of each color car and where they are geographically located, check the Registry statistics section.

If you haven't already done so, take a little time to explore the What exactly is an page - here you will find a general summary of the makeup of the car.

Lately, the most successful part of the site has been the market place, specifically Vehicles For Sale. There are several currently available and even if you aren't selling yours it is a good reference point regarding current asking prices.

There are now a couple of interesting Member Articles posted. You are invited to submit any articles or anecdotes regarding your for inclusion on this page.

The Photo Gallery is just beginning to expand and members are invited to submit any pictures for posting on the site.

July 22nd, 2001 - is now one week old!

In the last week, a great deal has changed for the better on the site. Format and graphics are being upgraded daily. The majority of the pages are up, with only a few still bearing the “Coming soon ...” label.

Today a broadcast message was transmitted to all 118 registry members announcing the site is up and running and consequently we are expecting the volume of traffic to increase significantly. If you are interested in helping the site flourish, please do the three things listed in the posting below.

July 15th, 2001 - The site is up!

After much “behind the scenes” hard work by Bruno D and Darren S ... the site is now up and running.
It is however, still in its infancy and we ask your tolerance in bearing with us as we add to and improve the site on a continuing basis. If you are interested in helping, the best thing you can do at this stage is to bookmark the site on your browser, return frequently to review changes and... most importantly... give constructive feedback.

Welcome to the infant site!

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