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Basking in the sun between run groups.
Greg H of TX lets his to cool down while enjoying Eagles Canyon Raceway near Decatur TX.

Registry: Statistics

So where exactly are registry members and their cars located? and how many examples are there of each color?

Current PCA Registry Membership
as of 23rd Feb 2021


This equates to over 69.9% of all RS Americas ever made!

“Limited data” is available on a total of over 620-ish .

“Limited data” might mean being able to put a color with a Vin# or an owner/drivers name with a color. This kind of data has been accumulated from researching the internet for s for sale for example or back issues of Panorama or Excellence magazines - where an old For Sale ad may list color and options for a car, consequently the current owner is unknown.

Thinking about making corn circles.
Another great shot of Jon P of CA's Midnight Blue Metallic .

I have sent e-mails to other known owners with a personal invitation to join, but so far these owners are yet to submit a datasheet.

If you are aware of an owner, please be sure to let them know about the registry and this website and please encourage them to participate


Where are registry members located?
and how many cars are there in each state?

Giving it a spanking on the banking at Fontana.
Bob B of CA at high speed on the banking of the CA Speedway at Fontana.

Location Number
    AK 2
    AL 4
    AR 2
    Argentina 1
    Austria 1
    AZ 10
    Belgium 1
    Bulgaria 1
    Brazil 1
    CA 77
    Canada 31
    CO 13
    CT 10
    DE 1
    England 2
    FL 27
    France 3
    GA 9
    Germany 11
    HI 1
    IA 0
    ID 1
    IL 12
    IN 1
    Italy 1
Sub-total 223
Location Number
    Japan 1
    KS 3
    KY 1
    LA 1
    MA 5
    MD 15
    ME 1
    Mexico 1
    MI 6
    MN 3
    MO 0
    MS 0
    MT 0
    NC 11
    ND 0
    NE 2
    The Netherlands 4
    NH 8
    NJ 16
    NM 0
    Norway 2
    NV 4
    NY 24
    OH 9
    OK 4
Sub-total 121
Location Number
    OR 3
    PA 23
    Philippines 2
    Puerto Rico 2
    Portugal 1
    RI 5
    SC 3
    SD 0
    South Africa 2
    Sweden 2
    Taiwan 1
    TN 5
    TX 31
    UT 2
    VA 11
    VT 1
    WA 30
    Wales (UK) 1
    Washington D.C. 2
    WI 1
    WV 1
    WY 0
    NO DATA 17
Sub-total 146

Registry Membership TOTAL = 490

Which are the Top Ten US states with the most registry members?

Which US states have the least registry members?

Where are the majority of ?
Top Ten North American Locations

1     CA 77
2     TX 31
2     Canada 31
4     WA 28
5     FL 27
6     NY 24
7     PA 23
8     NJ 16
9    MD 15
10     IL 13

Where are RS Americas NOT Located?
Top Ten Locations

1     IA 0
2     MO 0
3     MS 0
4     MT 0
5     ND


6     NM 0
7     SD 0
8     WY 0
9     CH 0
10     RU


Where are registry members located in Canada?
and how many cars are there in each Province?

Did you notice the clear turn signal lenses?
Susan G of Vancouver BC.

Canadian RSA's
    AB     Alberta 1
    BC     British Columbia 9
    NFI     No Flippin' idea 1
    NS     Nova Scotia 1
    ON     Ontario 15
    QC     Quebec 4
Canadian Registry Member Total 31

How many examples are there of each color in the registry?

Full afterburners selected.
David H of WA (with full afterburners selected) at Thunderhill raceway CA.

Color Number
  Guards Red 164
  Black 117
  Grand Prix White 115
  Midnight Blue Metallic 48
  Polar Silver Metallic 36
  Ferrari Fly Yellow 4
  Peru Red 1
  Maritime Blue 1
  Turquoise Metallic 1
  Chrome Yellow (Non Factory) 1
  Signal Yellow 1
Total 490

Do you know what the three basic colors that were available in?
How about the two optional colors that were available? Click here to see if you are correct.

How many women owners are there in the registry?
and what color do they own?

White Lightning under a lavender sky about making corn circles.
Lee K of FL's fitted with a set of sharp looking rims.

As of 6th Nov 2008 there are nine women owners in the Registry and their details are as follows:

Name State Color
  Ada N   FL   Polar Silver
  Monda D   TX   Grand Prix White
  Susan G   Vancouver BC Canada   Midnight Blue Metallic
  Maria C   GA   Grand Prix White
  Virginia C      PA   Black
  Mary Jo N   CA   Midnight Blue Metallic
  Denise C     NJ   Black
  Jodi F   WA     Grand Prix White   
  Em T   NJ   Black

What is the most popular of the four factory options?
What percentage of Registry members cars have what options?
What percentage of Registry members cars have all four options or zero options?

Stefan R of Germany
Stefan R of Germany bought his color-to-sample Turquoise metallic in the US and shipped it home.

If the Vin# of a particular is known, the above table can be used to calculate what number it is out of the 701 produced.

The following table shows what percentage of registry members cars had each option, how many had all four options and how many were “zero option” cars:

Please note: the following data is based on options reported by registry members on the datasheets they submitted (see the “Registry” page of this site). Members are requested to indicate “Yes” or “No” for each option, and in cases where the option was left blank it, has been taken to mean that the option was not present.

Option Code No of RSA's with option Percentage
Air Conditioning 573 370 /490 75.5%
Limited Slip Differential [40% locking] 220 330 / 490 67.3%
CR-1 Cassette/AM-FM Radio 331 257 / 490 52.4%
Electric Sunroof 650 260 / 490 53.1%
with all 4 options n/a 110 / 490 22.4%
with zero options n/a 7 / 490 1.4%

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