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License Plates.

Here are a few samples of creative license plates on registry members cars. If you would like to add your personalized plate, email me a digital photo of it with permission to post the image.

One of these plates is not real, to find out which one, rest your cursor on the one you suspect, and a pop-up will tell you if you're right.

93 RSA is real. A93 RSA is real. 93RSA is real. 93 RSA is real.
94 RS is real. RSA 94 is real. 911RSA is real. 911 RSA is real.
RSMRICA is real. RS AMRCA is real. YUP! RS AMERICA is FAKE. RS AMRCA is real.
REN SPT is real. RENNEN is real. RENNSPT is real. PURE RS is real.
RS964 is real. A964RCR is real. RS-911 is real. 0911 is real.
1993RSA is real. RSA-0127 is real. XCIII RS is real. 17OF701 is real.
RS USA is real. RSUS is real. A*RSA is real.
Registry members license plates

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