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Road Test and News Articles

Road Test and News Articles

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# Source Cover Favorite quote from the article
1 Christophorus

February 1992
The Ultimate Driver's Porsche
911 : Less is more

“Handling is crisp and turn in immediate. As Porsche says, if it works on their ultimate, Nurburgring test-track, it will be just right for the sporting customer.”

0 - 60 mph = Quoted 5.4 secs.
2 Panorama

March 1992
The Nine-Elevens of the Nineties

“... a pure 911 that redefines the fun of driving a 911 - for about $10,000 less than a Carrera coupe.”

0 - 60 mph = Quoted 5.4 secs
3 du Pont Registry

April 1992
1973 Porsche 911

“ As the factory boasts. “It redefines the pure fun of driving a 911.” Come on guys, it redefines the pure fun of driving, period.”

0 - 60 mph = Quoted 5.4 secs
4 Excellence

August 1992
This one's for U.S.

“What a revelation to go back to the basics. Leave the power steering for the Tiptronic package.”

0 - 60 mph = Quoted 5.4 secs
5 Autoweek

September 1992
Porsche 911
Porsche Lightens up

“...... the pushes the grin factor envelope further than any Porsche in recent memory.”

0 - 60 mph = Quoted 5.4 secs
6 Sports Car International

September 1992

“This is a Porsche like Porsche used to build, like the die-hards used to buy and hold on to forever.”

0 - 60 mph = Tested 4.93 secs
7 Car & Driver

November 1992
Porsche 911

“... and we know a foolproof way to convert almost anyone into a full-lather Porschefile: give them one hour of the right road in an .”

0 - 60 mph = Tested 4.6 secs
8 Panorama

December 1992

Part I
Driving Impressions:

“... at the edge of your consciousness you are admiring the way the engine pulls in third gear only to drop your hand to the shift lever and find that you've been in fourth all along.”

0 - 60 mph not quoted.
9 Panorama

December 1992

Part II
RS vs :
A Battle Between the Generations

“... the '73 is more sporting - a bigger thrill. The '93 is more practical and a little faster.”

0 - 60 mph not quoted.
10 European Car


Twenty years after the debut of its famous namesake, Porsche offers more (well almost as much) for less.

“... If you prefer the roar of the engine over the sound of the stereo, consider this as one of the great sports car buys of the nineties.”

0 - 60 mph = Quoted 5.4 secs
11 Road & Track


Porsche 911
Lean and mean for less green.

“... the sport suspension that gives the a firmer ride and crisper handling, and by it's unassisted steering whose directness and feel make the driver and car seem as one with the road.”

0 - 60 mph = Quoted 5.3 secs
12 Total 911


964 Only in America.

“It was the suspension and steering which really got the testers' ink (and blood) flowing though. The shared the same clever variable-ratio manual steering rack as the RoW (but not UK) and combined with the firmer, but not hard, suspension and wider rims, the result was a noticeably sharper driving experience.”

0 - 60 mph = Quoted 5.3 secs
13 911 & Porsche World


- The rarest of them all meets its Euro cousin.

“... the official performance figures(that) claimed a 162 mph (261kph) maximum speed and a 5.4 second 0-62mph (100kph) time, the same as those for the 964 .”

0 - 60 mph = Quoted 5.4 secs
14 Excellence

2011 (9-11)

- Looking for a modern-ish 911 with classic driver-focused sensibilities? This 964 might be for you.

“For those who believe older Porsches are the true enthusiasts cars, it's hard to go wrong with a good .”

0 - 60 mph = Quoted 5.4 secs
15 European Car


Best buys: Porsche 911.

“ Certainly the most performance oriented of the 964-based naturally aspirated cars.”

0 - 60 mph not quoted.
16 Excellence


: street 911, track attitude..

“ As the big “4” on the tach is reached, there is a forward lurch - almost Turbo-like in voracity and it doesn't relent until the “6” is eclipsed.”

0 - 60 mph not quoted.
17 (internet)


in Chengdu..

“ the extremely-extremely rare 964 Porsche 911

... “ this thing was speed!”

0 - 60 mph not quoted.
18 Hemmings Sports & Exotic car


Marketplace - Car Buyers Guide.

“ If a 911 is a great sports car, then a sharper, lighter 911 should be a knockout - and it is!”

0 - 60 mph 4.6 seconds
19 Panorama


Discount .

“ the promised a more exiciting driving experience to Porsche Cars North America customers who put perfomance first”

The list of road test articles above is not complete, so ... if you are aware of (or better yet, have a copy of) other printed or posted article, please let me know (by clicking on the words “let me know”).

To view several other articles on the , please see the Member articles page.

If you are aware of other articles which cover the which are not listed and displayed on this website, I would appreciate it if you could please help by providing me with whatever data you have, in order that I may feed it to those “unfortunate” individuals whose obsession with these cars causes them to derive pleasure from reading this sort of thing.

In the interests of Full disclosure ... I feel obliged to confess to being one of - if not the foremost example of the above mentioned indiviuals.

Your constructive criticism would be very much appreciated!

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