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6 RSAs at PCA Parade 2000 in Sacramento

PCA Registry

This page explains several things about the PCA registry by answering What is a Registry? How is this website related to the PCA registry? What measures are taken to protect member privacy? Why should I join? What's in it for me? and .... most importantly .... How do I join?

Additionally, there is a continuously updated

Registry Statistics page

which gives information on current membership numbers and on registry members cars.

For example - you can easily find out how many Grand Prix White there are in the registry, or how many members are from your state.

Below are the answers to the following questions regarding the registry

  1. What is an registry? and What does it do?
  2. What is the relationship between this website and the PCA registry?
  3. I have concerns about maintaining my Privacy. What happens to the information I submit to the registry?
  4. Why should I join the registry? - What's in it for me?
  5. Unsolicited site Endorsements
  6. What is expected of me if I join?
  7. How do I join the registry?

What is an registry? and what does it do?

First of all, there's no charge for registry membership and no financial profit will be made from this resource.

Eric S of VA
Eric S of VA.

The RS America registry is a sub division of the Porsche Club of America (PCA). It is intended to comply with the general objectives of PCA i.e.

“To encourage the highest standard of safety and courtesy on the highways, and to increase the enjoyment of owning a Porsche by the exchange of technical information and by engaging in such automotive and social events as may be agreeable to the members”

Additionally, the “Special Interest Groups” or registry programs go one step further and aim to provide a focal point for owners of a specific model of Porsche to be able to discuss and learn more about their particular model.

A further feature of this registry is that it is “non-invasive”.

By this I mean that the only thing sent to you will be the FREE electronic Newsletter broadcast message, which will be sent by e-mail. This means that you select when (or even if) you read your registry update messages.

In other words, the registry, and more specifically your participation in it, will be entirely at your convenience, and per your schedule.

Tyler D of ID
Tyler D of ID.

In the case of the where the number of built was very limited (701 total) a further objective of this registry - per the decision of the current registrar or “advocate” - is to try and locate as many as possible and to build a database of each car identifying it by it's unique Vin# and cataloging data such as the exterior color, manufacture date and which of the four factory options that the car was originally delivered with.

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What is the relationship between this website and the PCA registry?

Jodi F of WA
Jodi F of WA.

It is important to understand that this website was created by, and is wholly owned by Keith Verlaque, the individual who is currently the Porsche Club of America Special Interest Group Advocate or “Registrar” for the PCA registry.

All fees due for the procurement and maintenance of this site are paid entirely by this individual and as a consequence PCA have no claim as to ownership or content control of this site. It is maintained on a purely voluntary basis as a non profit making entity. Per the stated objectives of this website, it's secondary objective is “to encourage owners to participate in the Porsche Club of America (PCA) Special Interest Group Registry program”.

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I have concerns about maintaining my Privacy. What happens to information I submit?

Maintaining member Privacy is an issue which, as registrar, I take very seriously.

Any personal or contact data disclosed by registry participants will be considered confidential and as such will not be distributed, posted or forwarded without specific written permission (e-mail is acceptable) from the owner concerned.

Members e-mail addresses fall within data considered to be confidential and for this reason, when the FREE electronic newsletter broadcast e-mail is transmitted each month, it will not be possible to identify or trace recipients e-mail addresses.

Additionally, members (who have previously given permission for materials they have submitted to be posted on the website) will only be identified on the website by first name, first initial of last name and state of residence (or country if outside the USA). For example “Keith V of CA”. This is in compliance with policy that data will not be posted that allows website visitors to contact members directly - with the exception of advertisements placed on the Vehicles and Parts For Sale or Want ads pages, and in some instances when articles submitted have authorization for readers to contact the author directly.

Once the forum is up and running it will be at forum participants discretion whether they identify themselves and/or provide contact data or not.

Tim F of CA
Tim F of CA.

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Why should I join the registry? - What's in it for me?

James M of CA
James M of CA.

Each owner is invited to join in order to be able to share their experiences and learn more about their car.

There are many benefits of being part of the registry. These include having a friendly network of owners who you can discuss the pros and cons of just about any issue pertaining to your car. Whatever the issue you have with your car, it is highly likely that someone else has also had a similar experience and could provide you advice on addressing it. This registry feature will become significantly easier as the website forum comes on line. Further benefits are illustrated in the Unsolicited Endorsements section below.

Other advantages may include such things as organized events or gatherings featuring the or simply having access to a central source for identifying providers of parts and services pertinent to the .

I am continuously in the process of establishing sources for some hard to find (or in some cases no longer available) specific items including such things as manuals, Technical Specifications, brochures, original factory badges and emblems etc. and, in the interests of serving registry members, these items are currently available For Sale only to registry members.

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Unsolicited endorsements.

This site has been used to validate the market value of an when a registry member was in dispute with his insurance company:

“It had been raining, but the roads were visually dry. I was taking a turn I have taken 1000 times, within a mile of my house, and lost the rear, right at the apex..... I used to get full price for my from the insurance company. They tried to come in with a low settlement offer of $34,000. Thank you again for such a great site.”

This site has also been used to learn about and implement potentially engine saving upgrades via the Technical articles page.

“I just wanted to thank you for the technical article you posted on “Distributor Ventilation Kit” installation. ..... when I read the article I thought, gee, that looks easy. I bought the kit and completed the job in less than an hour. Technical articles such as this one serve registry members really well, especially those of us who do their own maintenance.”

“ I have attached a photo of my distributor belt, which was removed at 60k miles, just before my first DE event. Unfortunately I am unable to provide any close-ups which really show the belt's degradation. Needless to say, I now have the distributor vent mod installed ... but a driving buddy of mine was not so lucky. His engine failed during the same DE. His car (93 C2) has 63k miles on it, and when it was pulled apart, one of the things discovered was...a failed distributor belt. I was fortunate, and information from your site was a primary factor in the decision to replace the belt when I did.”

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What is expected of me if I do decide to join?

All that owners are required to do in order to join the registry is to provide data on their cars as requested on the registry datasheet. Membership is free of charge.

Once an owner becomes a registry member it is a requirement that they ensure that their contact data is current - for example when moving or changing e-mail address.

Thomas G of WA
Thomas G of WA.

When using the Marketplace page for advertising items For Sale or Wanted, please be sure to:

  • 1) notify the registrar when items are sold in order to avoid having “stale” ads on the site
  • 2) In the interests of supporting the registry - Please be sure the buyer is aware of the registry and encourage their participation.

Further optional (recommended) member activities include:

  • Bookmarking this website on your browser and returning to check the site as it is frequently being updated.
  • Providing feedback on the site including ideas and suggestions or corrections.
  • Spreading the word about this site.
  • Participating at whatever level suits you - ranging from submitting articles or stories regarding your experiences with your to just checking out others articles or perhaps reviewing the marketplace.

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How do I join the registry?

3 California RSAs
Left to Right - Keith V, Rader R and Paul D of CA.


To join, all you need to do is to complete a registry datasheet and e-mail it back to me.

PLEASE NOTE: There's no charge for registry membership and any personal or contact data disclosed by registry participants will be considered confidential and as such, will not be distributed, posted or forwarded to any third party without specific written permission (including e-mail) from the RSA owner concerned.

The most commonly asked questions about the registry are listed (and answered) on this page.

So how does one get a datasheet?..... EVEN EASIER!

Simply click the green “DATASHEET” button below and a new window will open containing the datasheet. Complete the datasheet, then


and then hit “Submit” to transmit it. Then keep an eye on your mailbox for an e-mail reply confirming your data has been received!


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