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Porsche 1993 Model Year Product Information [Press Kit] - which includes data on the .

OEM Information: Factory Data

Definition of “Factory Data”.

My definition of Factory Data is printed matter for use by both the media and internally within the Porsche factory and dealer network. These data would be issued by Stuttgart or PCNA and typically would NOT be available to the public.
This includes (but is not limited to) Press releases, Factory Press photo's and Model Year Product Information packs (Press Kits).

This page includes two types of factory data pertaining to the , specifically:

  • Press releases - which are typically one or two page flyers issued to motor journalists on Press day at car shows throughout the USA.

  • Press Kits - which are typically in a folder and significantly more substantial than a Press release.
    A Press Kit typically contains data on all Porsche models available for that particular model year.
    These data are usually in the format of pages of text with model year specific info, usually accompanied by Official Press Photo's [see item 2 in the “ Factory data” table below].
Typically none of the data listed above would be available to the public, but would be issued only to the motor journalists.

   Factory data.

To view an item of factory data click on it in the list below

  1. Press Releases.
  2. Official Press Photo's.
  3. Dealer Technical Service Information Booklet.

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