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Theo R of NY - doing the business!!
Theo R of NY carries so much speed through turn 8 at Canada's famous Circuit Mont Tremblant that his inside tires get light.

Articles: Member

This page is where registry members articles on their 's will continue to be posted.

As of Dec 2012 there are 22 Member articles on this page, click on the article title in the index below to read the article:

Title Author(s) Subject
How close can you get to an ? Paul P of PA The that never actually existed!
One Lap of America. Paul P of PA How one driver earned his call sign!
How preparation leads to performance. Eric S of VA The 3 slippery slopes found when attending Drivers Ed events.
Finding the father of the . Keith V of CA The importance of knowing your father.
Little known La Junta David B of CO The CO Raceway where the track is almost always hot!
Registry meets in the Pacific North West. Keith V of CA Parade '06 - Portland OR
This is definitely NOT your fathers Bob W of IL & Keith V of CA How to add another 140 reliable bhp to your .
What exactly is an ? Keith V of CA A Panorama article on the .
A swarm of FLYs. Keith V of CA A lineup of yellow
The Largest Gathering of - EVER!!! Keith V of CA PCA's 50th Parade at Hershey
Where the rubber meets the road Keith V of CA Dyno day '04
11 meet at Watkins Glen Tyson D of NH A photographic record of the June 2004 DE @ Watkins Glen
at PCA Parade '04 Keith V of CA Parade '04 - Fort Worth TX
at the CA German Auto Fest Keith V of CA Ventura '03
at California Speedway Keith V of CA Fontana '03
Cup Car upgrade Bert R of MD Performance upgrades and their effect.
A 3,000 mile test drive Don T of CA Buying an long distance
Brumos 20th Anniversary Steve B of VT A one-off custom
The Worlds Fastest Wine and Cheese tour Keith V of CA The NV Silver State Challenge
The 35 mph warning light David N of NJ Unwanted option
across America Bert R of MD Cross country driving in an
Life with a Supercharged Zane D of OK Bass fishing for beginners
The “Euro” Rear Fog Light. Bert R of MD Fitting a Euro rear fog lights to your

The lengths people are prepared to go to ...
in order to have an EXACTLY how they want it.

by: Keith V.
Did you notice the non stock centercaps in the wheels?
In the eyes of many ... the best looking 964 color is Grand Prix White - with its striking contrasting
black Whaletail lip, door handles, window trim and tires it certainly gets attention!

I'm not sure if it is a California thing ... but there do seem to be a remarkably high proportion of Porsche owners in the bottom left-hand corner of the good old “US of A” that share a propensity for modifying their cars. Maybe it's because they think they can do better than the factory - in fact there is a whole industry based on taking Porsches' iconic 911 and upgrading/modifying/improving on the basic premise; from one extreme - Alois RUF in Pfaffenhausen Germany who takes a Porsche body-in-white from the factory and adds his own engine, gearbox, suspension, roll cage, interior plus much much more (to the point where the German equivalent of the DMV have seen fit to issue all RUF built cars with their own VIN#'s completely independant from Porsche), right down to the guy in Illinois who makes cup holders designed and built just for the 964.

The more you think about it, the more you realize just how much aftermarket modification “stuff” is available to customize a 911. From a $500K retro look longhood 911 with 2014 GT3RS performance by Singer, right the way through to fiberglass body parts by GT3Tek/Better Bodies etc. Then there are suspension upgrades by Weltmeister/Bilstein/Koni/Eibach/Boge/Quaiffe/H&R; Seats by Recaro/Sparco/ ; Wheels by BBS/HRE/Fikse ; upgraded performance parts by TRG/JRZ/FVD/PMS/B&B plus many more*. Of course ... all of the aforementioned are without even considering upgrading with genuine Porsche factory parts!!!

Then again ... most people who are now sufficiently affluent to own a Porsche are, by definition ... no longer a “spring chicken”. They probably hung up their skateboards decades ago and if they were in So Cal at that time, they were probably exposed to some extent with the CA tradition of building a custom car or maybe even a Hot-Rod.

Well ... the car you see above has certainly been modified, but ... in a particulary unusual way.

Nope! ... it doesn't have a small block Chevy V8 shoehorned inbetween the rear haunches; it is NOT turbocharged or even supercharged; it didn't start life as a 924 diesel, but ... it has definitely been modified from the form in which it left the factory - very few people would ever guess - even when seeing it in the flesh (so to speak) and even fewer would figure out WHY??? If you're interested in finding out more on the image above.

*caution one of these may not be an actual supplier of Porsche performance parts.

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Driving your for one week .... SOLID.

by: Paul “Lap Dog” Pigman.
Hey! How come there's a Lap puppy sleeping on my garage floor
Why is this man asleep next to his on the floor of a pit garage? ... in broad daylight ... at one of Americas' top Racetracks ?

Have you ever dreamt of taking a week off work, away from the house/kids/chores/bills etc. and jumping in your with your best buddy and driving the snot out of the car on a 4,000 mile road trip to check out some of the best racetracks in the US ...... and doing laps at ALL of them?
How about giving drag racing a go while you're at it? or what about performing some maximum g-force testing on a skid-pad ........ in the wet?
If you''d like to find out more about a couple of owners who did all of the above on the image above.

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Preparation leads to performance - an enthusiasts story.

by: Eric S of VA.
Eric S of VA with three wheels on his wagon
Driver's Ed instructor Eric S of VA powers through a turn with his on 3 wheels.

This article appeared in “der Vorganger” which is the region newsletter for Porsche Club of America's Potomac Region. It tells the tale of one man and his and how a self confessed adrenaline junkie developed a passion for Driver Education events. His enthusiasm for driving his on the track led him to become Track Coordinator for Potomac Region thereby enabling him to drive numerous track days throughout the year. To find out more about this well-established performance driving instructor and the car that he has refined over several years on the image above.

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The importance of finding your father.

by: Keith V of CA.
Father of the RSA
Loook ......... I am your father!

There are several stories circulating about the origins of the ; was it just a marketing ploy by the cunning sales department at Porsche when the late eighties/early nineties fuel crisis meant sales were seriously down? or was it a reaction to Porsche getting away from their performance sportscar image and producing highly optioned luxury cruisers? There appear to be a growing number of “haters” who are of the opinion that the is not a real at all. Maybe they would benefit from understanding where the car came from and some of the limitations Porsche faced, causing them to bring the model to the US market in the form they did ....... but then again ........ maybe not.

So whose idea was this car in the first place? Where did it come from? .... and why? To read an article answering these and other “origins of the ” questions ... .click on the image above.

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La Junta Raceway CO ... where the track is almost always hot!

by: David B of CO.
La Junta CO - where the track is almost always hot!

More than 50 Porsches participated in this two day Drivers Ed on the 7 turn track at La Junta and three where there to show them how it's done!

To find out more about playing when the track is hot..... click on the trackmap above.

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The PCA Registry meets in the Pacific North West.

by: Keith V of CA

Portland Rarade '06
Registry members in echelon formation in the Porsche Paddock at the Parade '06 concours.

For those of you who have never attended a Porsche Club of America Parade - you're probably wondering what all the fuss is about.

The most common reaction to PCA Parade from non-attendees is “I don't have time to spend a whole week messing around with my Porsche with a bunch of people I don't know.” Well ..... simply put, you really don't know what you are missing.

To find out more about this week-long event filled with too many Porsche related activities to list ...and to find out who sings like Pavarotti ..... to read the article click on the image above or click here.

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Definitely NOT your Father's

by: Keith V of CA and Bob W of IL

At PCA Parade in Fort Worth TX in 2004 I noticed a black 964 in the parking structure that looked like an with non-stock wheels and a non-stock whaletail. I also noticed that the car had no “” side decals on its flanks and no “” emblems on it's rear deck lid, however from the Vin# - which I could see through the windshield, I was able to confirm that it was an . Rear seats and the letter “R” as the tenth digit in the Vin# told me that it was a 1994 model. As the car had PCA Parade entrant numbers on it, I knew I could look up the owners name and PCA Region.

A closer look at the custom wheels revealed that they were the lightweight 18” made by RUF, and that the car also had upgraded “big red” brakes. As I walked away, I glanced back at the car and spotted a visual clue that was so glaringly obvious that I was surprised that I hadn't noticed it before - now it all made sense .... I realized that I was looking at an extremely rare Porsche indeed.

The first clue ..... should've been the license plate .......!

The last thing that I noticed was the license plate ...........
which should have been my first clue as to what I was dealing with.

Unfortunately, I never got to meet up with the owner of the car in Fort Worth, so all I knew after Parade '04, was that a member of Chicago Region of PCA had an that appeared to have been converted into RUF RCT.

To find out more about this rare supercar ... to read the article click on the image above or click here.

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What Exactly ...?

by: Keith V of CA

RS What?

In an unashamed attempt to get the word out about , and to publicize both the Registry and associated web site, I submitted an article to the Porsche Club of Americas' Award winning National Newsletter - Porsche Panorama.

My rationale is that with a little over 320 owners already registry members, there must still be a few owners who are unaware of its existence, and also of this web site. Hopefully, this article will enlighten them and maybe inspire them to participate, plus it is a chance to reach ex- owners and hopefully get them to provide data on which are not in the registry database!

What does this mean to the current owner? Basically, if more knowledge is spread about these cars, more interest might be generated, and the market value may increase!

Realistically, the may never achieve the legendary status of the 1973 2.7L Carrera RS, but all publicity is good publicity and an article such as this just might help!

To read the article as published ... to read the article click on the image above or click here.

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A swarm of FLYs

by: Keith V of CA

Echelon formation

Do you know how many FLY yellow Porsche made? Do you know why they were called “FLY” yellow? Could it be because insects are attracted to the color? .... is there really such a color as Fly yellow? .... or is it just a misnomer? Which is the only option that ALL FLY RSAs have? Do you know the color of the that was on display at the 1993 New York Auto show? .... (the above image is a huge clue).

To find the answers to these and other fascinating questions - plus to view some other notable yellow Porsches ........ to read the article click on the image above or click here.

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PCA Parade 2004 - Hershey PA.

by: Keith V of CA

The largest gathering ....

A visual record of the 2005 corral.

by: Keith V of CA

DISCLAIMER: This article is not intended to cover all of PCA Parade 2005. Books (and newsletters) could be written entirely on this subject and would be unlikely to cover all the events or even to begin to do them justice. Please bear in mind that this is intended to capture one small part of one day of Parade, and that is the PCA registry corral at the Parade concours.

For those of you that didn't make it to Hershey and have been following the “Latest Breaking Site News” page of this website, you may be wondering ...

“How many showed up at the “Field of Dreams” corral at PCA's 50th Parade in Hershey?” ........ to read the article click on the image above or click here

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Where the rubber meets the road ...
Dyno-day - 17th July '04.

by: Keith V of CA

Dyno day - before picture
Keith V of CA with a confident smile ....... before the dyno testing began.

On Sat 17th July '04, around 20 members of the PCA San Diego Region met at The Dyno Shop in Santee CA - around 15 miles east of downtown San Diego with the sole intent of answering the “how many horsepower?” question.

There were 2 in attendance and they were both owned by members of the registry, and naturally, both owners were wondering who had the most horsepower ....... to read the article click on the image above or click here

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Captured on film - the largest meet to date
Watkins Glen June '04.

by: Tyson D of NH

Tyson D of NH captures 'the money shot'
The money shot ... as far as the eye could see ....... well, almost.

Finally proving beyond all doubt that Southern CA is NOT the only place that RS Americas gather in numbers, above is an 11 car lineup
(go ahead - count 'em!) ..... to read the article click on the image above or click here

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at PCA Parade 2004 - Fort Worth TX.

by: Keith V of CA

Cooling off in the infield after a hard day at Texas Motor Speedway
The infield at Texas Motor Speedway in front of the Speedway Club.

PCA Parade 2004 was a great event for anyone with any interest in Porsches and consisted of a week of pure Porsche indulgence in Fort Worth, TX.

The Sunday night Welcome Banquet set the tone of the week's events, with door prizes (including a set of tires) and the presentation of several awards for achievement within PCA.

The first award at Parade this year went to the best web site put together for the Special Interest Group Registries, which are set up to focus on specific Porsche models .......... to read the article click on the image above or click here

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at the Ventura CA German Auto Fest.
13th September '03

by: Keith V of CA

2003 German Auto fest in Ventura CA
6 registry members met at the German Auto fest in Ventura

On Sat 13th September '03 members of the PCA registry met once again - this time at the German Autofest in Ventura CA. As its name implies, this 2-day event is all about German Autos, more specifically Porsches .......... to read the article click on the image above or click here

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at California Speedway, Fontana 7 June '03.

by: Keith V of CA

CA Speedway Fontana '03
“Looking aft from the Cayenne pace car, I noticed that a squadron of four
were providing us with a high speed escort!!”

Billed as the biggest Porsche event in Southern California - in June of this year San Diego Region of PCA hosted a PCA Club Race, a Driver's Ed event & Grand American Road Racing plus much more!

Members of the PCA registry got to meet and display their cars in the corral, to take part in the lunchtime track tour, and to watch some very competitive club racers really going for it ....... to read the article click on the image above or click here

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Cup Car Performance upgrade.

by: Bert R of MD.

CA Speedway Fontana '03

In June of 2002, I had my most recent birthday and my wife really surprised me by telling me she thought I should go ahead and do the performance upgrades I had been talking about doing to my ........ Turbo Performance Center (TPC), which works almost exclusively on Porsches, is just a few miles from my house in MD and they have a very good reputation ........ I decided I would have them do the work ....... to read the article click on the image above or click here

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A 3,000 mile test drive

by: Don T of CA

The 3,000 mile test drive
The wide open sky, the wide open road and coming soon ..... the wide open throttle!!

It all started the morning of November 30th, I was surfing the PCA San Diego Region website and decided to check Keith Verlaque's website I saw a beautiful 1993 Grand Prix White for sale in North Carolina - the other side of the country! read the article click on the image above or click here

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Brumos 20th Anniversary

by: Steve B of VT

The Brumos RSA
In keeping with the theme, the Brumos car was, at one point, fitted with a factory ducktail from the '73 .

Below is the story of an RS America, which started life at the factory as a regular but was delivered to Brumos ..... who gave it a whole new lease of life!

The car was built in 05/92 as an and sold by Brumos in Jacksonville, FL. Brumos installed a custom chip from Andial, (Porsche Motorsport NA at the time) installed a Cup Car exhaust system, lowered it with Euro RS springs, replaced the wing with a ducktail, painted the wheels white, the mirrors black, and painted it like the Supercar Turbo with the classic Red and Blue Brumos read the article click on the image above or click here

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The Worlds Fastest Wine and Cheese tour

by: Keith V of CA


RSA chase vehicle and RSA Track car.

You may have seen an article about the Silver State Challenge in Panorama some time ago, but if you didn't, the following is a report on the event from the perspective of a couple of volunteer course workers.

The basic premise is that the Nevada Board of Tourism authorize an event where the NHP kindly close 90 miles of Nevada desert road to enable over 200 “car nuts” to blast along this stretch of public road at whatever speed they choose!......... to read the article click on the image above or click here

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A Little Known Option:
The Warning Light That Lets You Know When You Reach 35 mph

by: David N of NJ


I thought you might enjoy a story about my . When I first acquired it, the “exclamation point” or general warning light on the dashboard would consistently illuminate whenever the car reached 35 miles per hour. No other dash board indicators came on so there were no other clues as to which of the vehicles systems was generating the fault warning. I took the car to my local independent shop who recommended that I take it to the dealer ... to read the article click on the image above or click hrre

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across America

by: Bert R of MD

Black RSA and Snow Tree
2,970 miles from Annapolis, MD. to Los Angeles, CA. in six days in an .

I have been the proud original owner of a 1993 911 since August of 1992. Throughout that time, the car has proven to be absolutely amazing. It is a pleasure to drive on the street as well as a stunning performer on the track. I have only good things to say about the car, and hope to own it for the rest of my life... to read the article click on the image above or click here

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Life with a Supercharged

by: Zane D of OK

Zane D's RSA

Is your stock 247 bhp just not doing it for you anymore? then here's something to think about.

Keith V of the PCA registry thought that registry members might be interested in hearing about my supercharged 964 . Forgive me if I ramble-on but it's a fun subject talk or write about and I tend to get carried away. Over the last 10-years you may have seen the advertisements or read performance articles about supercharging read the article click on the image above or click here

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The “Euro” Rear Fog Light.

by: Bert R of MD

Rear lights, Brake lights and Rear Foglights.
Rear lights, Brake lights and Rear Fog lights .......... voila!.

Ever since I first got my I had become addicted to the idea of fitting a rear fog light in the space provided for it behind the rear reflector, mainly because European Carrera's had them....more

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