Deck lid release handle.
The black rear deck lid release handle that gives access to the engine bay.

Rear deck lid release cable failure.

by: By Keith V of CA

Would YOU know what to do when the rear deck lid release cable breaks
and you can't get to your engine?

We take it for granted that pulling the release handle located in the recess in the driver's door jamb will disengage the rear deck lid latch and thereby give access to the engine bay. Unfortunately, as our cars get to be 12 or more years old, the likelihood increases that the release cable might jam or break entirely.

Once this happens, it can be frustrating at the very least because you've lost access to “the noisy end” of your .

As usual, the engineers at Porsche have already anticipated that this might happen and have provided a counter measure to those in-the-know.

There are four simple steps to regaining access to the engine bay and the only tool required is a phillips screwdriver.

Undo the screw holding the Left Hand rear light lens in place.
Undo the LH rear light.

Step 1: Undo the single phillips head screw retaining the left-land rear light lens.

Pivot the LH rear light lens aft about its inboard egde.
Gently pivot the light assembly aft

Step 2: Gently pivot the lens assembly aft - away from the body work.

Carefully remove the light assembly.
Carefully remove the rear light.

Step 3: Carefully remove the whole rear light assembly ...... to reveal a wire release cable.

The release cable is sometimes taped to the bodywork to keep it in place.
Carefully pull the release cable to open the rear deck lid.

Step 4: Lift the cable out from under its protective clip - then pull on it gently but firmly to open the rear deck lid (you DO NOT want to tug at it sharply and then have it break!!).

Notice the light assembly has two connections, one is the electrical connector for the lights and the other is the rubber tubing that pulls moisture out of the light assembly. While you have the light assembly out of the car it would seem like a very good time to clean the light cavity and perhaps apply a coat of wax to protect it from any moisture ingress.

Replacement of the light assembly is not difficult, it is simply the reverse of the removal process, it is important to remember to test to ensure the light assembly is functioning correctly after final installation.

Now what about cleaning behind the other rear light? - the one without the release cable, or do you think you can resist the urge?

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